TN-ATG-520/ 520-L

  • Easily set up : directly setting up on the ground.
  • Ergonomic design : comfortable and easy to operation.
  • Pouring degree can from 0° to 90°.
  • With core-pulling system and two side ejection system.
  • With “PLC” control system, program can be customized.
  • With mold heating & pouring cup heating function.
  • With unloader and cup tilting system.(Optional)
  • Power Saving – with servo motor system(Optional)



Plate Size (mm)990 X 5201100 X 520
Mold Size (mm)Min:420 X 420
Max:750 X600
Min:420 X 420
Max:750 X600
Servo Motor Power15 HP15 HP
Clamp Force (kg/cm2)1150011500
Eje. Force (kg/cm2 )Fix Side:5100 Mov Side:1250Fix Side :5100 Mov Side:1250
Mold Stroke(mm )690690
Tilting Angle0~900~90
Machine Size(mm)2950 x 1900 x 29502950 x 2050 x 2950
Weight (kg)35004200