• Improve the defect of vertical shooting type machine.
  • Special design for shooting brake disc, vane pump..
  • With automatic mold cleaning system.
  • With independent mold temperature sensor.
  • Blow plate with water cooling system and sand sweeping system.
  • With core-pulling system.
  • With closed and continuously sand supply system.
  • Cores are not easily broken: Moving-side can auto rotate and eject. Core deliver by conveyor.



Mold Size (mm)350 x 350 / 390 x 390
440 x 440 / 500 x 500
Opt. Press.(kg/cm2)5~7
Molding Cap, (kg )6
HeatingElectric / Gas
Power Supply18
Machine Size(mm)4200 x 2000 x 2000
Weight (kg)2400
Shooting fromSide